Spring cleaning always gets a bad rap. Yes, you have to hire someone – which is totally legit, or you force your kids to work like you did for your parents, but isn’t that clean home totally worth it? Here are 6 indoor projects you can target right away because a clean home is a happy home.

Hire a House Cleaner

Super House Clean

You’ve got two options: Enlist the family to be deep clean goats, or hire a self-employed spring cleaning specialist to just get it done, while you relax on the patio with your family. We’re not talking basic mopping here, this calls for wall scrubbing, ceiling dusting, oven cleaning, and curtain washing.

Take Care of Tile

“If your tile grout has a mild case of wear and tear, use a DIY sealer painted on with a toothbrush to look as good as new. If mildew has set in, or large areas need to be redone, hire a tile and grout cleaning professional to solve it in one fell swoop.”

Clean the Carpets

Oh, that pesky carpet, time to get the mud, dog, and red wine out from the long winter spent cooped up. Either rent a steamer from your local grocery store or hire a carpet cleaning specialists to bring their big vans and fancy machines to breathe new life into your rug.

Organize Your Life

Time to get rid of all that winter clutter! We understand that saying is easier than doing. If you can use some help with this herculean task, call in an organization professional to save your sanity.

Clean Screens

“Spring and summer mean letting in the fresh air, not showing off the grubby screen door that’s been neglected for decades. Remove all the screen windows and doors in the house, wipe them down, hose them off, then replace them (or better yet, hire someone to do it for you). The fresh air will smell all the sweeter.”

Ready the AC

Just check that it’s in working order before the first 100° day, that way you’ll get top-notch service when you need it.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the spring!

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