Wash Car

Most people do not know how to wash a car at home. And yet, most people tried at least once. Let us explain to you how all wash your car at home like a pro.

5 Step to Wash your Car Like a Pro

Step 1: 

The very first step to wash your car is to spray down the whole car. If there are any bugs or dried bird droppings and you don’t want to use a bug and gum remover, then set a wet soapy rag on the spot to release it up while you work on the other area of the car.

Step 2:

Wash Your Car wheel tires and wells. Spray well; use wheel brush and soapy water to scrub. Do sure to rinse the brush often to remove grit and small stones.

Click on below Video: How to SUPER CLEAN your Car (Best Clean Possible)

Step 3:

Starting on the top begin cleaning your car. Work in small parts using the sponge or mitt. Rinse constantly, do not let soap dry on the car.

Step 4:

Towel dry your car working in large sweeping motions that follow the contours of the car body. High-grade silicone squeegees are available at auto supply stores that completely remove water and take less time than towel drying. Drying is necessary to prevent water spots. Water content high mineral will leave small deposits on your car finish.

Step 5:

Treat special areas as required. Like shiny tires? Use a tire lubricant. These are for the sides of the tires. Don’t get them on the tire treads, your paint or the brake rotors. There are many products to whiten up the whitewalls. Hard dried bugs/tar: There are speciality products to remove them.

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