Clean your kitchen efficiently and effectively takes some practice, but once you learn how to keep your kitchen clean, you will be able to maintain it easily. Your kitchen goes through a lot of things in one week. Whether it’s a sauce-splattered stove lid or coffee-stained counter, cleaning every surface in the kitchen daily basis can be very challenging, especially on a tight schedule. Your kitchen is one of the most trafficked places in the house and where you prepared your meals – making it even more important to clean regularly.

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Best Tips to Easily Clean your Kitchen yourself

1. Clean your Oven

Fill up a spray bottle with your homemade solution of 1/3 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/3 cups water. After removing the grates from the oven, coat the inside with a solution, making sure to avoid the heating elements. Close the oven door and head to bed, letting the solution work its magic for up to 8-12 hours. When you wake up in the morning, clean the oven with water and dry using a plush cloth.

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2. Give your Oven Rack a Bath

Bring back the original shine of the oven racks without even scrubbing by soaking it in a bathtub filled with powder washing detergent. Let it sit for at least 3-4 hours before removing and rinsing with water.

3. Keep your Disposal Smelling Fresh

Few things are quite as off-putting as smelly disposal. One of the best kitchen sink cleaning hacks is lemon ice cubes that keep your sink smelling fresh. To make them, fill an ice cube tray with rock salt, lemon wedges and water. Once frozen, pop the cubes down into the drain and run your garbage disposal till the ice is gone completely. Rock salt scrubs the blades while ice that helps to knock off any grime and gunk.

4. Clean the Stove Burners

Clean your stove burners every time. Stove burners can be washed by hand with soap and water. If you have a dishwasher machine, then throw them in there after you scrub off excess food. If you have electric burners, wipe debris with a moist sponge. The type of grate determines how you wash burners. If you have a coated grate, then use a soft sponge or if you have an uncoated grate, then use a scouring pad to clean the grate.

5. Clean your Kitchen Cabinets

Using the trusty vacuum to clean out your kitchen cabinets. Instead of wasting your time in trying to pick up the crumbs with a cloth, look to your vacuum brush accessory to suck them up at the snap of a button. This cleaning technique works wonders on pantry shelves.

6. Clean your Toaster

The toaster is one of the most challenging kitchen appliances to clean – removing the small bread crumbs, as all toasters come with a little bread crumb tray, but what about the dirt and debris that tends to accumulate both on the inside and the outside of your toaster? Here is a quick way to make your toaster squeaky clean – Combining vinegar, dish soap and warm water. Apply this solution to the interior with a damp sponge. Wash it like you would wash any other dishes. Gets it completely clean, removing any stuck on crumbs or stains and then set it aside to dry.

7. Clean your Coffeemaker

Clean the coffeemaker, stand mixer and other small appliances from top to bottom, using glass cleaner or a cleaning wipe. Dip drip trays or crumb catchers in the sink’s leftover warm, soapy water, then rinse and dry.

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