Renovating your Kitchen

Renovating your Kitchen

Is it time to feed some upgrade to your hungry kitchen? Well then sit back and relax, we have collected some important points to keep in mind before renovating your kitchen.

Skilliapp Tips for Renovating your Kitchen

1. Organized Plan

Before you initiate redesigning of your kitchen, decide and priorities your kitchen item and their place. For example, store your spices where you can get easy access to them while cooking and try to store your plates and bowls in the same section of your kitchen so you don’t have to move in different directions when required.

By understanding your way of function and frequency of using items, you can arrange them accordingly. This will also help you decide about your storage in drawers and cabinets.

2. Expand Visually

Use a light color scheme if you have a small kitchen space. This will allow you to expand your kitchen visually with the help of natural light. Dark shades on kitchen cabinets will shrink your kitchen so it would be better to avoid them.

You can also pull back your curtains and allow more light to enter through your window. If you don’t have a big window to provide enough light, get soft light bulbs and place them overhead. Setting up a mirror or two will also help you.

3. Less is More

As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said less is more, and with the help of this advice try to create a focal point. Select a spot in your kitchen design and add soft and pleasing details and complement the same with beautiful interior. this will look better than giving a bold look to all your kitchen by busy countertops pattern, a backsplash of too many colors, and fancy floors. They do make your kitchen beautiful but together become too much for one room.

4. Not to Forget Safety

Design your way broad enough to pass by for kids or someone to pass by even on a busy day. Keep your cook top away from the crowd area to avoid touching panhandles by accidents.

Install heavy appliance like the refrigerator in a place where even a person who came in for ice cubes won’t disturb you. If you have young ones, we recommend you to install child lock to keep hazardous materials out of their reach. Not only children, but this required if you have pets. And don’t worry much about them, they are easy to uninstall when needed.

5. Power Source

Don’t forget to add a switchboard or plugins in your kitchen. With an increasing amount of electric equipment in house, design according to need. It would be better to give separate USB slots for charging phones and other devices.

Renovating your kitchen will add great value to your home. Try to allot    20-25% of your budget to this room which creates daily magic. Initiate with a rock-solid plan considering your needs and way of function.

Process of renovation can take time. Sometimes it may take up to months to complete. Make sure there is clear coordination between your architects, plumbers and designers to get the way it is planned.

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