Pet Safety Tips

Taking care of your furbabies is a 24*7 job. Sometimes they get so energetic, they start running here and there, it becomes difficult to take care of their safety. And if you have pets, you know how clever and curious they are to explore. We have sorted some Pet safety tips to keep your furbabies safe and healthy.

5 Best Pet Safety Tips to protect your Pets

Skilliapp Pet Safety Tips1. Fencing

Jumpers: A Dog can jump higher than you might even imagine. We have some ideas to take care of your dogs jumping over fence.

You need to consider a taller fence if you have small fence. This will prevent your dog from escaping your house.

At the top of your fence, install angled fencing which is also known as lean-in fence. It would be difficult for your furbaby to jump over the fence with angles facing inside.

The world outside tempts your dog to go out and explore more of it. Try to block the view beyond your fencing with the help of bamboo or reed fencing.

If you know how and from where your dong tries to escape, use shrubs and bushes with roughly height of 50 to 70 cm from inside of the fence. This won’t allow your dog to get a running start and jump over the plants and fence.

2. Diggers

We have a few tips to stop your dog from digging under the fence.

By digging a hole, install a chicken wire 20 to 30 cm below the bottom of your fence. Attach the wire with the fence and bury it in the hole. Once your dog starts running into the wire, he will stop digging.

Try Installing pine logs (treated) next to or under the fence. This will also help you stopping your dog from digging around the fence.

You can also use the brick and concrete under the soft soil around fence to stop your persistent diggers.

3. Know their Poison

  • Food Poison: Certain foods like chocolate can be very dangerous for your pets, especially the dark one. And so are onions and garlic (if given in larger quantity) and grapes and resins. Drinks with caffeine or alcohol should be kept away from your pets. Even yeast bread dough can cause problem to them.
  • Liquid Poison: Liquids like detergents and bleach, paint, glue, and cleaners can create health issues if they inhale or ingest them. Sometimes, just by coming in contacts with their fur can harm them. Make sure gardening materials like fertilizers are out of reach of pets. If needed, add security to your cupboard doors.
  • Medicines: Keep your medicines in proper place. If your pet swallows them, it will cause some serious medical issues. Better keep them in safe place for betterment of your furbabies

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4. Install Pet Doors

Pet are designed in a different way by nature. They need to roam, run and bounce around. They need to stimulate to stay mentally and physically healthy. If you don’t provide them required freedom, they show some negative behavior like damaging furniture and curtains. Try to provide them required space to avoid such behavior and keep them healthy. Also install pet doors to prevent property damage.

5. Pets and Screen Doors

Install pet proof security screen mesh. They will keep your pets away from constantly scratching the screen and burglars from gaining entry in your house. Many times your pets simply scratch at your screen because the want to go outside. For this, install a pet door for them to move in and out.

Taking care of them is important, because after all they are our family too. Following above given tips will surely help you increase your pet’s safety and make your life and your pet’s life more beautiful.

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