Impress your guests with these practical tips that will help chase away bad smells in your home.


  • First step – Your clothes closet.  Use a piece of lavender, coffee grounds or cedar chips to imbue your closet with a pleasant smell.
  • Next: Hang your coats and jackets outside to air before hanging them in the closet.
  • Now those stinky shoes, one simple remedy is to sprinkle a little baking soda in your shoes, let them sit overnight and then vacuum out the soda.

Tobacco odors

  • “Vinegar helps to counter the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. Boil it in a pot on the stove and after it cools, pour it into small decorative bottles or bowls to be spread around the house.”
  • “Rinse out ashtrays with a vinegar solution as well, and sprinkle coffee grounds in the bottom of your ashtray to help absorb the smell of ashes.”

Other Odors

  • Keeping stuff odoursat bay by placing a piece of citrus fruit peel on your stove, hanging a vanilla bean in your room or burning some bay leaf.
  • If the exhaust from your vacuum cleaner smells stinky, change the bag and simply vacuum up some lavender flowers or peppermint leaves.
  • Absorb the smell of animal litter by adding a little baking soda to the litter box.
  • Vase– Add a piece of charcoal to vase water. This will keep it from smelling foul.
  • Moldy smells vanish from the plastic container when you wash and dry them, fill them with crumpled newspaper or coffee grounds, and freeze them overnight.
  • Rinse musty-smelling leather suitcases with vinegar and leave them open and exposed to fresh air for a few days.
  • Eliminate the smell of oil-based paint by setting several bowls of peeled, sliced onions around the room.



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