DIY Home Maintenance Tips

Are you planning to buy a home or are you already a homeowner? Well, then we are pretty sure you are worried about the responsibilities, especially the financial one. We got your back, don’t worry about them. We got some home maintenance tips for you, and they will help you take care of your home. If you maintain your home, do the servicing from time to time, you will be able to cut huge costs in the future. It will help you avoid any major damage or any damage and help you increase the life of your product.

Keeping up with regular home maintenance doesn’t mean you have to suit up and sacrifice your weekends. Organize your tasks with the help of a calendar and complete them in bit and pieces. This way it won’t consume your delightful weekend and you will be able to maintain your home.

Here are some home maintenance tips for you to maintain your home and manage your financial responsibility. If you still think you will need a professional or a handyman, we will help find one.

5 Best do it yourself Home Maintenance Tips for You

Home Maintenance TipsHVAC Filters

We recommend you to inspect your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) filters every month and change them as per the requirements. You may get to learn home maintenance tips from people that you should be changing them every month, but that is not true. It depends, if you have a small family and you don’t have a pet, you may change after 2-3 months. You also need to take care if you have any allergies. So inspect them regularly and change when required without any delay.

Kitchen Sink Disposal

There are many different home maintenance tips to clean your kitchen disposal, but we have picked an easy and effective one to complete the task. All you have to do is pour some distilled vinegar in an ice cube tray and let them freeze in the refrigerator. Toss these vinegar cubes in the disposal. They will freshen up the disposal and the ice will sharpen up the blade.

Fire Extinguisher

It is important to know how to use a fire extinguisher and we assume you are aware of the important steps. We would recommend you to inspect your fire extinguisher on a regular basis. This home maintenance tips consists of a few steps and are pretty easy to follow. Make sure they are placed in easy to access places, check the pressure on the gauge and make sure there is no wear and tear.

Pest Control

Having pest issues is something we don’t want. To take care of them, let Mother Nature help you. You can use Boric acids and orange guard to create a highly effective barrier against the pest hosts. You can also take the help of spearmint plants, they keep away some common pests. There are also spray cans available in the market, you can spray them to keep away the insects.

Drafty Windows

These drafty windows are one big reason behind higher energy consumption in summer as well as winter. You should inspect the caulk line which holds the window in position. If you see that they are damaged, dry or improper, with the help of a box cutter, take them out and replace them with a new bead of caulk.

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