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3 Reasons Why your Air Conditioner is Stinking

Are you facing a problem of foul smell in your room when you run your air conditioner? There is a probability that your air conditioner is not functioning properly. It is better to take a step before it is too late. Here is a list of possible reasons why your air conditioner is stinking.

1. Smell of Rotten and Dirty Trash

If any small living creature dies in your HVAC or the duct system, the rotten smell is going to spread in the whole room very quickly and we all know how difficult it is to ignore this foul smell of rotting carcasses. Take immediate action before any decomposition takes place. But first, turn off your air conditioner and open all the windows, vents and doors. Use Skilliapp to connect with HVAC and pest controller when your air conditioner is stinking.

2. Sulfur

If you smell something like rotten eggs, don’t ignore that smell, maybe your air conditioner is stinking because of leakage of gas. Natural gas is generally odorless and colorless, but they add foul smell to pull your attention towards them when leakage occurs. So pay attention if you smell something rotten.

3. Sewage Smell

Dry P-traps can become a source of sewer gases. These gases from Dry P-traps can enter your room and spread in the room when you run your air conditioner and this may make you think tour air conditioner is stinking. Allow water to flow from all the sinks to fill the P-traps and seal the gasses. You may also inspect your sewer vent. Contact a plumber and an HVAC technician to solve the problem.

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