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Pricing, Payments & Refunds

To better serve you, you will only receive reviews after a customer pays you for your services.

Refunds will be done on case by case basis. If there is a conflict, you can get in touch with our PRO (public relationship office) to start an investigation.

“My Profile” tab contains all your personal information. On the page, it shows the amount of funds you have available. By clicking the “withdraw” button, a pop-up will open for you to input your banking information. This will enable you to transfer money into your bank account. Easy As That.

Completely Secure! We don’t save or keep any of your personal banking information. Once you enter the information to transfer your money. Skilli deletes all information related to your bank.

          • You will be paying 14% per only on the LABOR expense of the invoice.
            1. For Example: You did a job to fix a toilet
              1. Labor (50/hr) = $50 * 2 hrs
              2. Materials = $500
              3. Consumables = $20
              4. Project Cost = $620
              1. Skilli will charge: Labor * 0.14 = $14

 Total Project Revenue: $634

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