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This contains questions and information concerning the dashboard and the booking features that Skilli has created

Once a customer sends you a quote, there is a “send message” button at the bottom for your to discuss any particulars with your customer.

Once you approve your quote, it is automatically added to your calendar. Click on the calendar tab to view any upcoming jobs.

Once a customer sends you a quote request, all the requests will show up in your dashboard. Under the heading “Quotes Received”. Click on the quote to be taken to view/revise the quote. Once you revise the quote, the customer gets a notification to send you a final confirmation on approval.

Dashboard contains all the details about your listing, quote requests and appointments. Its basically your one stop to manage all your admirative duties of your business.

  1. Listings: Shows all your active services you are offering.
  2. Quotes: Shows all the quotes you have send out or requested
  3. Calendar: Shows all your approved requests
    1. By clicking on “send invoice” icon you can send the final invoice to the customer for you to get paid.

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