Prevent Frozen Pipes

During the winter season in Canada, uninsulated water pipes can freeze and broke and ice dams can form on roofs

Moreover, thawed snow can enter the house basement, causing flooding and thus, water damage.

His guide helps you prevent frozen pipes from freezing before it starts in 6 tips.

6 Tips To Prevent Frozen Pipes From Freezing

1. Shut off the Outdoor Water Supply

Your outdoor faucet likely is the first thing to freeze. To prevent damage, shut off the outdoor water supply and allow taps to drain.

2. Insulate High-Risk Areas

Pipes in crawl space, attic, and garage or outside walls are at a higher risk of freezing. Insulate the pipes with foam pipe covers from Canadian Tire and keep these areas above 8°C.

3. Check Air Leaks

Air leaks allow cool air into the house. In a harsh cold, even a small opening can let in enough air to freeze a pipe system. Use caulking or insulation to keep cold out.

4. Keep Doors Open

Keep closets and doors to unoccupied rooms open. This allows warm air to circulate around the plumbing.

5. Run Faucets on Low Level

In extreme cold, keeps a faucet or two running at a low level to keep water moving in the pipes.

6. Shut off the Water Supply

If you’re going on a holiday or long trip shut off your main water valve and open all the taps to drain the water from the plumbing lines.

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