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My Account

This contains questions and information concerning the account that you have created with Skilli.

What are the benefits of my free account?

As a service provider you are able to create a “Listing” under my dashboard. A Listing allows you to create a portfolio for the service you are offering. You are able to create one free listing, for additional listings you will need to upgrade your account.

How to sign up as a Service Provider?

By clicking the “Create a Listing” button on my dashboard tab. Your listing will act as your portfolio, make sure to provide enough details about the services you are offering.

How to edit my profile?

Going to the “Me” page on the app. Its simple as just editing the boxes with the small “x” and clicking save to change the profile.

How to Reset my Password?

Contact us via chat or give a call to your help desk

How to feature your post?

Under your “Dashboard” click the icon promote post.

How to upgrade my account?

Benefits of my upgraded account?

How to deactivate my Skilli account?

Contact us via chat or give us a call to our help desk


This contains questions and information concerning the dashboard and the booking features that Skilli has created

What is my Dashboard?

Dashboard contains all the details about your listing, quote requests and appointments. Its basically your one stop to manage all your admirative duties of your business.

  1. Listings: Shows all your active services you are offering.
  2. Quotes: Shows all the quotes you have send out or requested
  3. Calendar: Shows all your approved requests
    1. By clicking on “send invoice” icon you can send the final invoice to the customer for you to get paid.

How do I revise my Quotes?

Once a customer sends you a quote request, all the requests will show up in your dashboard. Under the heading “Quotes Received”. Click on the quote to be taken to view/revise the quote. Once you revise the quote, the customer gets a notification to send you a final confirmation on approval.

What happens once I approve my Quote?

Once you approve your quote, it is automatically added to your calendar. Click on the calendar tab to view any upcoming jobs.

How do I direct message customers?

Once a customer sends you a quote, there is a “send message” button at the bottom for your to discuss any particulars with your customer.

Pricing, Payments & Refunds

This contains questions and information concerning the money with the Skilli App.

What are the expenses to using the app?

          • You will be paying 14% per only on the LABOR expense of the invoice.
            1. For Example: You did a job to fix a toilet
              1. Labor (50/hr) = $50 * 2 hrs
              2. Materials = $500
              3. Consumables = $20
              4. Project Cost = $620
              1. Skilli will charge: Labor * 0.14 = $14

Total Project Revenue: $634

How secure is my Banking Information?

Completely Secure! We don’t save or keep any of your personal banking information. Once you enter the information to transfer your money. Skilli deletes all information related to your bank.

How to transfer my money to my Bank Account

“My Profile” tab contains all your personal information. On the page, it shows the amount of funds you have available. By clicking the “withdraw” button, a pop-up will open for you to input your banking information. This will enable you to transfer money into your bank account. Easy As That.

When will refunds be applied?

Refunds will be done on case by case basis. If there is a conflict, you can get in touch with our PRO (public relationship office) to start an investigation.

Reviews and Credentials

This contains questions and information concerning the your own reputation on the Skilli App.

How do you receive reviews?

To better serve you, you will only receive reviews after a customer pays you for your services.

What do my badges mean?

  • Certified Badge: We give you this badge when you send us your certifications for the services you are providing on the specific listing
  • Verified Badge: This badge is awarded to you once you confirm your identity. Just upload a valid government ID under the “ME” page, and just wait for us to authenticate your identity. This badge will appear once we have verified your ID.


Safety, Policies & Updates

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